Indiana Jones 4 Comic Book Adaptation Cover
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Update (via The Raider): This is not the actual cover, but a solicitation - says Jeremy Barlow, Associate Editor at Dark Horse:

 That is NOT the cover to the comic adaptation — it is a “solicitation only” image that Lucasfilm provided for us. The cover(s) will be original painted works by Indy and Star Wars artist Hugh Fleming

Via Diamond Comic’s previews page, we get our first glimpse at the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’s comic book adaptation, with cover art by Steve Anderson:

The intrepid Doctor Henry Jones Jr. is back in his biggest adventure yet! This time, the world-renowned archaeologist finds himself caught in a series of events that all point to a discovery unlike any other. But will his rivals in pursuit of this priceless treasure seize his quarry from right under his nose? Not if he, and a few unexpected companions, have anything to say about it!

The thrill and the humor, the action and the romance, the hat and the whip—everything you love about Indy is here! This is a tale sure to please longtime fans as well as foster a whole generation of new ones!

SC, 7×10, 96pgs, FC $2.99

Indiana Jones 4 Comic Cover

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