August, 2007

Report from the LA Set
August 30th, 2007 | Digg This

Harrison Ford Web (links to a very long page, you might prefer this link) also has an exclusive concerning the goings on down in Los Angeles:

Indiana Jones 4 is shooting on four different sets on the Universal lot. Our source has seen three of the sets: the sound stage set and two outdoor sets.

As we’ve all understood: security on all Indy 4 sets is tight and our source says that security as been tightened further due to an incident a short time ago (see further below). Our source says that the Universal Studios Tour and tram guides are not allowed to make any reference to the newer sets, nor are they allowed to use or refer to the associated project code name. Public access to the sets and stages is restricted and all entrants must wear a Genre badge. The studio call sheets have strictly limited circulation, they are also anonymized. A call sheet normally contains project name/code and the name of the director. The Indy 4 call sheets list no director but carry the project name Genre; ref. our report on July 7: re: the code name for Indy 4: The Unnamed Genre Project.

Indy 4 Filming has taken over Mexican street and a number of other sets at Universal Studios. Here are some pictures:

They are also filming over at Downey Studios with reports of Russian tanks being seen there:

High Res pictures from Hawaiian Indiana Jones 4 Set
August 30th, 2007 | Digg This

Some thumbnail images of these pictures have been bouncing around for a short while now, because of their size I was somewhat reluctant to post them. However, Harrison Ford Web have now acquired the full sized versions for all our enjoyment, via SplashNews.

Click the thumbnail to see the larger version.

Interview with Stuntman Jeff Galpin
August 17th, 2007 | Digg This

The podcast based blogtalkradio show Movie Geeks United this week played host to the stuntman Jeff Galpin. In the show Galpin recounts his time working on Indiana Jones IV. Check out the episode here.

New Official Video
August 13th, 2007 | Digg This have updated their site with a short documentary / series of interviews with the likes of Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. The theme of this new video is “Family Reunion”, bringing old friends together again for Indy part IV.

Meanwhile, Karen Allen has been talking with the Berkshire Eagle about her return as Marion Ravenwood:

“It’s an action-adventure role, because that’s really the nature of these films. They are shot-out-of-a-cannon kinds of films — there is a lot going on from the moment it starts until the moment it ends.

Indiana Jones and the Six Titles of Wonder
August 11th, 2007 | Digg This

SlashFilm have received a tip-off about six possible names that Lucasfilm have filed with the MPAA as the title for Indiana Jones 4. The nominations are,

Indiana Jones and the City of Gods (the long time favourite),
Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds,

Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth,

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,

Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold

Indiana Jones and the Quest of the Covenant.

I have highlighted the two most likely (and subjectively best) titles, the others each feel like either a red herring or some sort of terrible science fiction film.

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