Indy treats from Blockbuster
May 10th, 2008 | Digg This

Marty has sent us in some Indiana Jones 4 treats that he picked up from his local Blockbuster store:

Just came back from my local Blockbuster with a treasure of Indy 4 stuff. Popcorn Popups, guess these are for holding popcorn while you watch the indy movies at home. Pint Glasses of all four theatrical posters and last but not least would be a cool DVD case holder. This thing is nice, it holds 4 DVD’s, I’m assuming the forth DVD would be Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They also had some Indy ‘Indy’ 500 stuff along with full size theatrical posters for the movie. I attached a bunch of pics that will be in two emails. Hope you can use these.

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