Indiana Jones Lego Sets Revealed
December 28th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

Those Indiana Jones lego sets, with their revealing titles, that we mentioned a few weeks back, can now be viewed in all their wonder and lego glory. Brickset has updated to show us what these look like.

River Chase:

Jungle Cutter:

Temple of the Crystal Skull:

3 Responses to “Indiana Jones Lego Sets Revealed”

  1. Vladimirov and the Sons of Darkness Says:

    “It’s a transmitter for talking to aliens!”… Damn. The structure on top of the temple seems to settle it - there are aliens in it. Aliens in an Indy movie. What a shame… as if Shia la Poof wasn’t bad enough.

  2. Movie News, Movie Reviews and Unsolicited Attitude - Movie.CooOne.Com : Movie.CooOne.Com Says:

    [...] folks over at the Unofficial Indiana Jones blog have pointed us in the direction of the awesome and highly anticipated new lego sets for the [...]

  3. Tyler Zuehls Says:

    I have thrown away all of my 11 yr. old son’s instructions for all of his Indiana Jones Lego sets, is there any way to get the instructions for them? He has all of them and wants to put them together to put out on display if you could please let us know ASAP that would be great!

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