Spy pictures from the Indiana Jones set
January 5th, 2008, posted by FofR | Digg This

Warning - Spoilers Ahead

These pictures reveal some behind the scenes sets used in the filming of Indiana Jones, they were taken at the Universal Studios soundstage. Because they contain some spoilers for the movie plot they are hidden behind the link below…

These revealing phone shots come via Harrison Ford Web

The set was large, tall and the main level lead to lower sublevels by series of small flights of steps. The main level was a bit uneven, had two peaks that indicated man made structures, sported a big dead looking tree, the ground was strewn with dead leaves and rocks, some with crystalline structures. The set was otherwise extensively dressed with mosses, branches, vines, grasses, spider webs. relics and ….skulls. A wall was decorated with carved skulls and there were stones with carvings on them. The set clearly iluded somewhere outdoors and there were devices in the set roof that produced lightnings. Early models of the set were marked with signs in Spanish that read “Cemetery”  

 Indiana Jones 4 Set Picture

Indiana Jones Set

From Universal Studios Soundstage

Entrance to a tomb?

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