Pictures from 1950’s New Haven Set
June 27th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

Madogvelkor has snapped some pretty awesome shots of New Haven’s Indiana Jones set which have been sent over to us, showing us the time travels taken by New Haven as we go back 50 years - ready for the Indy shoot.

Oh my, we’ve got some more great shots for you. Avid photographer and Indiana Jones fanatic Mitchell Hallock has been snapping away amidst the Indiana Jones Temple Street Festival and he contacted us today with some of his results. Click onwards to read the full news article and see his great pictures.

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    [...] Click here to travel back in time…to the 1950s! This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 at 11:21 am and is filed under Steven Spielberg, harrison ford, indiana jones 4, george lucas, pictures. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.   By Ryan Laster No Comments Yet! [...]

  2. [Cine] Indiana Jones 4: Imagenes de el Set de Rodaje en Yale « a mil kilometros Says:

    [...] New Haven productions está transformando diversas localizaciones de la ciudad para hacerlas parecer como si fuese en 1957.Puedes ver el resto de las imagenes aquí [...]

  3. Mitchellhallock Says:

    I was there as well and have a bunch to share as well — including Body’s Baraber Shop and teh weird International Jokes/Gags in the Woolworths window…

  4. Carlos Ruiz Says:

    AWESOME. I want to go there!!!! It looks fun!

  5. ‘Indy 4′ Plot and Filming Details Says:

    [...] make the scenery look like 1957, and some extras interviewed said they had to wear period garb. The Unofficial Indiana Jones Movie Blog has photos from the New Haven [...]

  6. Ciné: UPDATE (Première image de la scène d’ouverture !) - Exclusivité pour une première photo d’Indiana Jones 4 ! | Le Bazaar Says:

    [...] Si vous voulez voir la transformation de certains commerces de New Haven pour la scène d'ouverture, cliquer ici. [...]

  7. Says:

    my pics…57600491915050

  8. Tom Callhagan Says:

    CAN’T WAIT !!

  9. Indiana Jones 4 - Movie Chronicles » Indy IV News and What Really Happened To Marcus Brody! Says:

    [...] happened to Marcus Brody! I added new photos of the store fronts on MySpace (shots can also be seen here and local news reports [...]

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    [...] Fotos do set de filmagem na cidade de New Haven aonde algumas cenas de “Indiana Jones 4″ serão [...]

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    [...] dem "Temple Street Festival" gemacht wurden. Aber immerhin sieht man die Ladendeko schn: klick mich! Da ham se sich ja echt reingehngt mit der Deko wrd ich sagen Bin auf die Szenen da schon [...]

  12. Marti Says:

    I love that they’ve taken the stores that are actually there and de-modernized them. “Claire’s Bakery” is a place called Claire’s Corner Copia, a vegetarian place that I LOVE. Thankfully they’re still open during filming. Their lithuanian coffee cake w/buttercream frosting is worth breaking through the 50s facade.

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    [...] in New Haven starting June 28. If you don’t mind knowing story details this early, then click here to read up on the [...]

  14. Andrea Says:

    I just love Indiana Jones!!!!!!!!
    I want to meet Harrison Ford SSOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    steven spielberg and video games…

    As you seem to know what your doing blogging wise, do you know what the best time of the week is to blog and have them read?…

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