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June 27th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

New Haven seems to be buzzing with Indiana Jones fever, we’ve already posted many pictures of the street transformation, but there’s room for a little more. Here are some select shots from Astoria Studios, this time showing some inside sets, building plans and other neat little film props:

There are more than 100 shots from New Haven at the Astoria gallery, check it out here and even more shots at Flickr.
The local news also has a video piece reporting on the kafuffle, catch the video via (beware of cheesy ads, only viewable in Internet Explorer).

The New Haven register have their own report which also has a picture gallery, from the sounds of it the Temple Street festival was a blast.

In all this commotion we have accidentally omitted The New York Observer’s Indy article, which can be found here. But beware, there are spoilers within. In the article there is an interview with a confidentiality agreement-bound extra where a number of revealing truths are claimed amongst other rumors, though nothing too ground-breaking. It’s worth a quick read.

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