Frank Marshall: Teaser Poster this month
December 7th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

In an interview with Coming Soon, Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall, stated that we would be seeing a new indiana Jones Kingdom of The Crystal Skull poster by the end of this month, here’s an extract from the multi-film interview:

He told us why Steven and Harrison Ford felt that now was the time to return to Indy. “It’s kind of been out there in the air, but we never had the right script, and we kind of put it on the backburner and then back in 2000, we all went to the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award for Harrison. George and Harrison and Steven and I and Kathy were all backstage all dressed up and we were looking at clips from the movies and we thought, ‘God, those were really fun. Maybe we oughta really focus on trying to do another one.” And that’s what happened. David Koepp came up with a great script finally, and we’re done shooting and now in the editing process. It’s pretty amazing.”

“What we’ve done is we moved it from the ’40s to the ‘50s so we’re acknowledging that everybody’s 10 or 15 years older and it plays into the story,” he told us when asked about how things would be different from the earlier movies. “We’re not trying to hide that Harrison’s older, but we have Shia LaBeouf coming in as his sidekick, so we’ve got a young element. The best way to describe the movie is that it’s an Indiana Jones movie. It’s got all the style and elements of the old movies, and we’re not really trying to do anything different.”

You’re going to see a teaser poster later this month,” he said when asked when we might be seeing some more from the movie.

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