Trailer to be linked with Beowulf?
November 12th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

EDIT: No, as expected, these were unfounded rumors that were just widely spread, perhaps in light of the Dark Knight IMAX associations coming this December. Sorry folks, we’ll have to keep guessing!

I am seeing a number of rumors around the net stating that the Indiana Jones teaser trailer will be linked to the upcoming Beowulf film, with a later online release via the official website.

A trailer schedule breakdown has also been posted on the IMDB forums although no source has been quoted:

Teaser Trailer with Beowulf Nov 16th, 2007
1st Trailer with JJ Abrams movie Jan 18, 2008
2nd Extended Trailer March 2008

Incidentally, it seems the trailer description we posted last week has been reported as a fake, which is a shame because it actually sounded very good.

3 Responses to “Trailer to be linked with Beowulf?”

  1. MOI Says:

    Stop bullshiting.
    First the teaser description was terribly poor and stereotypical.
    And Lucas said to usa today that the teaser will be released around christmas.

  2. Theodore Roosevelt Says:

    Did anyone catch the teaser trailer that was supposedly in front of Beowulf? I didn’t and I haven’t seen anything on the web about it. Was it just not included?

  3. Japp Says:


    I’ve read a couple of articles where people try to foresee the date of the release. Why? If Lucas won’t give the date officially, then how could anyone know it. Here are the previous trailers of the indiana jones movies, so that there is something to see before the day we all wait for:

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