Spielberg Interviews aplenty
October 10th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

Both ComingSoon and AICN have recently posted up their interviews with the legendary Steven Spielberg which took place at Universal Studios - in one big get together involving all the big-wig movie sites; like one big happy family. They all headed to the Indiana Jones set via an Amblin van, though the most they saw of the crystal skull world was the catering, with glimpses of the cast and crew. Most importantly however, they got to sit down and have a Q and A session with the Indy 4 director.

Each is an interesting read, the AICN report providing an in-depth flavour of the experience, whilst ComingSoon opts for the facts. I have provided a summary of the important information below:

Coming Soon: Production is two days away from wrapping and the director raved about how great it was to have Ford back and how amazed he was that he did the majority of his own stunts. [...] The Russians are the villains in the film and he hired Russian actors to ensure accuracy with their accents.

[...] The fourth installment of the “Indiana Jones” franchise is shot on film and not digital, [...] if the people before him, who he considered great directors, did it on film then that’s good enough for him. (AICN go into this with a bit more depth, discussing the life of chemical film)

Spielberg then talked about what a great addition Shia LaBeouf has been and how he’s been doing all of his own stunts, too.

AICN: “Is Drew returning for the poster?” Without missing a beat Spielberg said without a doubt. He said he can’t make an INDIANA JONES movie without John Williams’ score, he can’t make one without Michael Kahn editing and it wouldn’t be an INDIANA JONES movie if Drew Struzan didn’t do the poster art.

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