Possible Trailer Breakdown
October 31st, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

Edit: This is fake. 

I was contacted by one Guy Lagace concerning a breakdown of the unseen Indiana Jones trailer, “from a reliable source”, via Skewed and Reviewed. I am not source how much this description can be trusted, if at all, but for the sake of interest, here is the description:

Paramount Logo

black screen

We hear a low buzzing

Shot of a mass of big jeeps crossing the desert

Fade to black

JIM BROADBENT: There are many secrets in this world…

Shot of a wooden box being loaded onto a loader

fade to black

JIM BROADBENT: ..that man was not meant to discover!

Shot of the Ark being lifted out of its confinds as military scientists watch in awe.

fade to black

A shot of the lid being lifted off the ark

cut to black

Cut to Indy and Jim in a university hallway

JIM BROADBENT: There are others who seek the power of the ark now!

cut to black

Shot of Indy leaving the university, looks like he’s being watched

Shot a woman in a white dress stepping from a vehicle

CATE: Your services are required Dr Jones

Shot of Cate talking to Indy, she opens a box revealing a Crystal skull

INDIANA: Im sorry i Cant help you!!

Shot of Marion tied up in the back of a vehicle kicking and screaming. The door opens and Indy reacts.

CATE: Your reward…is her life!

INDIANA: Marion!

Shot of a ship crossing the ocean

Massive shot of Indy and Ray winstone in a temple

Shot of Shia fighting next to rotating blades

Shot of a huge Mayan city

Shot of Indy racing through catacombs

Shot of Cate slapping Marion, Marion slaps her back.

Shot of Cate by the crystal skull alter, a fleet of soldier behind her, we can just see the ark,
she places a crystal skull down!

Shot of Jim Broadbent looking very worried.

Shot of A Mayan temple exploding with the power of the Ark

Shot of Indy and Shia swinging across A huge ravine walls collapsing around them. Shia slips at the edge. Indy grabs his Hand.


Shot of Marion punching Indy

INDY: I should have seen that coming!


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  1. Skot Says:

    This is unfortunately a fake. I heard about this breakdown last week but it has since been dismissed. I do hope that I am wrong since this sounds like it would be an excellent trailer and is probably a lot better then what we will all end up getting when they do release it. The true trailer description is probably more like this…

    Lucasfilm logo.
    Paramount Logo.
    A crystal skull sitting on an alter with movie-man voice over.
    Suddenly a whip grabs the skull and the music hits.
    Then we see about 20 shots of Indy and Marion and Shia which all go by that they tell us nothing.
    A bunch of explosions.
    Then one line from Indy like “trust me” or “Oh No” or “I like pumpkin pie” or something stupid.
    End with date of release. And with the sound of all of us geeks recovering from the fact that we really didn’t see anything at all. Even after pausing all 32 frames each second from the tivoed version on E!

    Oh who knows, they might throw us a bone and give us a really awesome trailer with location shots and awesome vehicles and effects and maybe, just maybe a glimpse of that old crate sitting in that old warehouse…

  2. kim possible Says:

    omg that is so great i can actually picture it
    it sounds great but how will it do on film
    also i just want to say that i someday want to go into the movie bizz as a producer or a screen writer / directors
    but i’m kinda young
    and i mean really young like jr.high young
    but dream big is my motive

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