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July 7th, 2007, posted by FofR | Digg This

I’m not sure that we’re going to get too many spoilers from this shooting locale as I had first suspected, considering it was only a one day shoot and likely only a short scene in the film. But I will still be hiding these pictures behind a “read the rest” link today - just to prevent anyone getting upset.
So… without further adieu

We brought you the first pictures via Keith W, now we have many more galleries for your perusal:

Find these and about 15 other photos by Neil Ducoff at Photobucket

And here Adam Ouellette has 40 or so more fascinating images.

CHUD also have some low-res pictures:
Indiana Jones Essex CT

Mitchell Hallock also has some New Haven galleries we haven’t linked to yet, here and here.

Many sites are also discussing an interview with producer Frank Marshall, we have already covered this and it has been uttered many times, but it’s nice to see it confirmed once again,

Steven is very aware of the process and we’re not cheating with CG (computer graphics) at all,” Marshall said. “It keeps the B movie feel.

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