October, 2007

George Lucas says Indy 4 best since Raiders
October 8th, 2007 | Digg This

In a recent interview with MTV, George Lucas unveiled his thoughts about the progress of the upcoming Indiana Jones movie.

Lucas emphasized that “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is shaping up to be the best Indy flick since the first one, even going so far as to call “Skulls” tonally most like “Raiders.” But whereas the Ark of the Covenant has very few historically ascribed powers, true believers attribute all sorts of abilities to the crystal skulls, ranging from the skulls being psychic amplifiers to tools of death to repositories of ancient knowledge (something like an Atlantian supercomputer).

As to the theory of the Crystal Skulls,

“The skulls themselves are real and a lot of the stuff in the movie is real, just like in the other movies. [...] We don’t base it on a lot of phony-baloney stuff. It’s all based on at least true mythology that exists today that … a certain amount of the population actually believes in.”

Indiana Jones materials stolen
October 7th, 2007 | Digg This

The LA Times first reported that a number of sensitive items pertaining to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are stolen from Spielberg’s Universal Studio’s office. The IESB has since updated us, detailing some of the items thieved; more than 2000 production stills, a production budget breakdown, possibly the script and multiple computers. The thief then attempted to sell these goods to multiple online websites, we were one of them - the sender calling himself Jesse James,

I have the ultimate spoiler and scoop.  I know someone who is interested in selling 2,500 production and behind-the-scenes photos and the complete production budget (All 400 pages of it).  Do you know anyone who might be interested?

Suffice to say, this fool was apprehended with the stolen property by the FBI in a sting operation. For a blow by blow breakdown of the events check out Movie City News.

AICN, Crystal Skull and Raiders of the Lost Ark
October 3rd, 2007 | Digg This

AICN’s Moriarty has had a reliable tip-off concerning the goings on at the Downey studios where they are filming Indiana Jones 4. Check out the link for the full story, whilst the main SPOILER itself has been extracted below, expand this post to reveal its secret.

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